Quantum Hemp H2O is not your average water. It’s the hydration you need to take your health and wellness to the next level. Pure, natural spring water collides with premium, whole-plant, hemp extract to create a sense of Clarity, Balance and Relief. Quantum’s unique production process injects exactly 25mg of our PCR extract into each bottle with no artificial flavors or ingredients.  

Quantum’s PCR (PhytoCannabinoid Rich) extract is able to provide the Entourage Effect by combining multiple cannabinoids with ZERO THC. This is far superior to the minimal effects of a CBD isolate. We use Farm Bill compliant, American grown hemp with a superior genetic profile. Customers can see our cannabinoid profile and lab results by scanning the QR code on each bottle. CBD is all the rage right now but, CBG is the most critical component to the efficacy of our product. 

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  • Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR)

    Our American sourced hemp provides the highest quality PCR formula which includes hemp and additional cannabinoids. Our proprietary water soluble technology transforms active compounds into nano-sized particles for immediate bioavailability and fast absorption into the cells.

  • Broad Spectrum

    QUANTUM PCR H2O uses a broad spectrum, hemp derived formula to provide hemp along with additional active cannabinoids and terpenoids providing maximum efficacy with a unique and familiar flavor profile.

  • Farm Bill Compliant

    The American farmers we work with raise the most highly sought after strains of organic hemp in full compliance with the U.S. Farm Bill.

  • Chemical Solvent Free

    No harmful chemical solvents are used by Quantum PCR H2O in any phase of our processing.

  • THC Free - Non-Intoxicating

    Our engineers are able to gently remove 100% of the THC rendering QUANTUM PCR H2O completely non-intoxicating without the use of dangerous chemical solvents. You can finally realize the benefits of cannabis without the high!

  • Water Quality

    Quantum PCR H2O uses a state of the art purification process combined with the perfect amount of electrolytes and minerals to achieve a balanced pH for maximum absorption.

  • Organically Derived Nutrients

    We require that our famers only grow organically derived hemp free from pesticides, chemical solvents, and heavy metals. We never cut corners!

  • BPA Free

    All of our bottles are 100% Bisphenol-A free to insure the product is clean and clear of toxic plastics.

Premium Hemp Hydration

At QUANTUM, we take the accuracy and integrity of our science very seriously. By utilizing an innovative extraction process which requires no heat, coupled with our proprietary PCR formula, we offer an exceptional grade of cannabis infused water that’s always pure, potent and free of all the nasty chemical byproducts.

  • icon-check 10 mg. Hemp Derived Cannabinoids Per Bottle
  • icon-check 100% THC Free ‐ Non‐Intoxicating
  • icon-check Broad Spectrum Formula
  • icon-check Maximum Bioavailability
  • icon-check Nanoparticle Technology
  • icon-check Superior Cellular Hydration

QUANTUM PCR H2O sources from a natural spring with a state of the art filtration water purification process. We use the perfect amount of natural electrolytes and minerals along with our proprietary PCR formula to bring you the best water in the business! We are proud to be made in AMERICA using all domestically sourced ingredients and bottled at the source in Tennessee . QUANTUM PCR H2O is manufactured in full compliance with the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills.