Science is still at the advent of its research into the health benefits of PCR oil and extracts, though even the early findings are proving to be extremely promising.  The research, coupled with extensive positive user/patient feedback, continues to showcase the wide-ranging beneficial effects and potential uses for PCR in medicine, health and general wellness.*

Acute & Chronic Pain

As evidenced by decades of use for this very reason, it’s well-known that cannabis has helped countless individuals manage pain and discomfort.  Today, a growing body of well-respected researchers is exploring the possibility that PCR may be a key factor in the plant’s ability to help reduce pain levels.*

Cellular Health

Some of the most impressive early and recent PCR studies have focused on the extract’s potential protective and restorative role. Studies have suggested that PCR may be able to assist in controlling inflammation, and may also play an influential role in supporting the manner in which certain cells function and multiply.*

Neural & Cognitive Conditions

Researchers have discovered a receptor in the brain referred to a CB1, and many believe that this is the key to understanding how and why PCR oil may help treat a wide range of mental and neurological conditions. Many clinical studies have been conducted, with more on the way, in addition to vast positive feedback from users, patients, parents and medical professionals.*

Seizures & Epilepsy

Many who suffer from infrequent to moderate seizures have spoken highly about the role PCR oil may potentially play in lessening the frequency of the condition.  Additionally, The American Epilepsy Society has made note of its potential. It continues to be a popular therapeutic adjunct to seizure medications and therapy, for many.*

Skin Conditions

It’s now well-understood that there is a direct correlation between the health of the immune system, and the amount of inflammation present throughout the body.  And because so many skin conditions are the result of inflammation, PCR is being aggressively studied to determine whether or not it may serve as a suitable therapy.  Many users, however, swear by it.*

Stress & Anxiety

Cannabis is famed for its ability to calm the nerves, and research is becoming more and more confident that this may be a direct result of the plant’s naturally-occurring cannabinoids. To avoid the psychoactive and euphoric effects, many users have moved to PCR extract as a way of reaping the benefits without feelings of intoxication.*

Exceptional Science for Exceptional PCR Water

Can-Tek Labs, an exclusive partner of Quantum Dynamics Inc., unites the latest advancements in Nano Technology with a full spectrum, 100% THC-free PCR concentrate.  The end result is a high-potency PCR hydration breakthrough, with impressive phytocannabinoid content and no chemicals or solvents used during extraction.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease.