We are currently partnering with distribution companies and retailers. This is not a multi-level marketing opportunity. You’ll need to provide pertinent corporate documentation such as business license and sellers permit.

Quantum PCR H2O has already become a favorite among many celebrities, athletes and health professionals across a wide spectrum of medical and therapeutic practices.  Today, we’re making ongoing significiant investements in marketing, branding, research and distribution, to establish Quantum as the industry’s premier source of superior-grade PCR water.

Whether you’re a health store, a retailer, or a medical professional, offering Quantum PCR H2O at your facility is a smart move for those looking to be at the precipitous of something truly monumental. Here are just a few reasons to consider adding our superior high-potency PCR water to your wellness line:

  • A strong, well-established existing customer demand for science-based, non-GMO PCR water
  • At verified 10mg of total cannabinoids per bottle, Quantum is the most potent product available
  • Generous profit margin potential, backed by reliable customer service and support
  • We’re the first and only cannabis-infused water beverage in California approved for national retail through CalRecycle
  • Grown, extracted and bottled in the USA
  • Guaranteed to be 100% free of any and all THC compounds or residual byproducts
  • Non-GMO and BPA-free, with no chemicals or solvents used at any time during extraction or production

Discover the Advantages of Distributing Quantum PCR H2O

Ready to offer your customers the most potent PCR water on the market?  Whether you’re ready to order or looking to start the process, our team is here to make process as simplistic and streamlined as possible.

Get in touch through the Distributor Section on by filling out the form on this page, or speak to a representative right away by calling Quantum at 310-362-6915.